The Greater Pyramid Tarot Spread

Greater Pyramid Spread Image

1.  The Problem.  This is the primary area that needs attention and will directly relate to the question or to an issue the querant needs to know rather than the question they asked.

2.  Personal Influence.  This position relates specifically to the querant and how the problem or issue influences them.  The direct effect the matter has on the individual, not their environment necessarily.

3.  Home Influence.  This position relates specifically to the environment of the querant or those involved in the problem and how the problem or issue influences said space.  The direct effect the matter has on the environment of those involved, not they themselves necessarily.

4.  External Affect.  How this relates to persons or places less directly connected to the querant and their personal space (home/environment).  Examples might include the work space, distant relations, friends/acquaitnances, neighbors, etc.,.

5.  Distant Past.  Issues, experiences and similar situations that directly or indirectly aided in manifesting the present issue(s).  Be intimate with the card filling this position and give it special attention as it can and may reveal clues to the strengths or weaknesses of the querant.  This can aid or hinder then in resolving their issues so it is of particular importance.

6.  Recent Past.  Most recent occurances which aided in manifesting, developing, materializing or otherwise added to the problem or issues in question.  Again, as position five (5), look for any clues this card may be giving to strengths and weaknesses of the querant and how such may relate to the problem directly or indirectly.

7.  Cause And Effect.  Initial steps querant needs to take in order to begin resolution of the issues they're trying to understand.  This, as in all tarot spreads, is not the answer to all of one's problems.  It is the first steps, baby step program, and nothing more.  That which can help heal, manifest recovery or self-discovery.  It may also give clues to what's caused the issues but less likely to do so.

8.  Course Of Action/Inaction.  The major steps needed to take in order to resolve the problem if such can be done presently.  It should be read in connection with the card in position seven (7) especially.

9.  The Awakening.  The likely outcome at the end of the problem and its over-all impact.

NOTE: Some key points to aid you with this spread.  Regarding positions seven (7) and eight (8): one wants to remain aware and inform the querant that some problems cannot be resolved.  Some issues in life simply must be endured or allowed to run their course.  When this occurs, as said before, it is likely due to one needing to learn a lesson from the experience.  These positions can also represent, often most from within, that which we have to rely on in order to endure.  However this does not change the meaning of the position nine (9) but naturally may influence it or place it more at some undefinable point in the distant future before it can manifest fully.  When these sort of changes occur is is difficult to say how far the "awakening" might be but certainly further than initially one might assume.

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