The Lesser Pyramid Tarot Spread

Lesser Pyramid Spread Image

1.  The primary situation surrounding the querant or the question.  This card represents the primary forces or problems surrounding the question or situation (perhaps but not necessarily directly connected with the querant her/his self).  The root of the matter and the ideals which surround it in the present.

2.  Circumstamces of the past which have led up to the development of the current problem, question or issues at hand.  Key points, typically but not necessarily, from the recent past which aided in manifesting the current problem, situation, issue or question.

3.  Ideals for resolution or restitution.  This should not be confused as being the answer to one's problems but instead insight into how to correct issues or problems one faces.  It is important to understand that our hardships are designed to teach us lessons not punish us so sometimes this card is more insight into our own personal, inner issues that need resolution before the issues such manifests can be resolved themselves.  This card should be viewed as a clue to helping one resolve their problems.  Key-points to help and guide, not the solution necessarily.

4.  The Final Outcome.  The likely or possible outcome of the matter as viewed from the current, unchanged position.

NOTE: This Tarot reading spread is designed to give insight only into situations one cannnot pin-point the means of a problem or issue.  It is not intended to be a full reading but just serve as a spring-board.  Suitable questions might include:  "Why does my friend/lover/relative seem upset with me?"  "What do I need to know about the problems in my career?"  "What is the cause of my depression."  From this more indepth readings may be done to elaborate.  For more depth The Greater Pyramid or similar Tarot spread that offers more insight is recommended.

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