The Rune Star Reading

Rune Star Image

1.  The Rune Of Presence.  The now.  The energy that is manifesting around the question but not necessarily realized yet.

2.  The Recent Past.  Any recent conflicts and distrubances that surround the question or querant.  Resistences one has experiences.  The problems just past or just manifested even if currently unrealized.

3.  The Forces Of Darkness.  Negative, if unseen, influences which are or will soon move into effect.

4.  The Forces Of Light.  Positive, if unseen, influences which are or will soon move into effect.

5.  The Foreknowledge.  Distant past experiences, influences or knowledges that could be helpful in the present situation if called upon properly.

6.  The Current Negativities.  That which is now manifesting negatively to influence the matter in the near future.

7.  The Yet To Come.  The final outcome as designated by the present ideals surrounding the matter.  The likely results formed by the current conditions.

NOTE:  In the Hellonian tradition from which this reading stems the original numbres rank from zero to six.  In most traditions zero represents nothingness, the void, emptiness.  Whereas in the Hellonian tradition represents the procreative forces yet manifested but present.  It is the unfertilized but available potentiality.  It is both nothingness and the potential of all things.  The unknown.  The dark from which light was bourne.  The subconscience, the psyche, quiet chaos.  The holy vagina of creative potential but not the fullness of fruitation.  It is the second that just past and the here and now in that respect.  It is a numbre of potential alone.  However, because to my knowledge this interpretation is unique unto the Hellonian tradition, I've chose to numbre the fields from one to seven rather than from zero to six to avoid confusion and any vague misunderstandings.  The diagram painted on a board, cut from material and sewn to a cloth or otherwise made perminent is a great help for quick readings but certainly not necessary.

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