Thank you for visiting the Temple of Apollon.  A wallpaper of the God is available to you HERE.  I made it for folkes who come this far in my pages to use on their computers (please do not share it or use it elsewhere online without my explicit permission to do so).  This is just for your own personal use on your own personal computer to say thank you for your visit and dedication to the Gods.  Below is an invokation to light and immediately following is an Orphic Hymn to Apollon.  May his blessings of illuminate your life and inspire your spirit.

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Amazing light, prince of the sky,
shining in starlight and moonglow,
blinding in sunshine, we honor you,
force that heals the world.

Your vivid blasts inspire life.
Purest element, burning power,
radiant star, dazzling flower,
hear us and give us peace.

An Orphic Hymn to Apollon


Blessed singer,
smile on this song.

Illustrious power,
rape avenger,
God of shining health,
evergreen of wealth,
play your golden lyre.

Dragon slayer,
father of oracles,
archer with arrows of light,
sun prince of Mousai,
drive away all diseases.

Golden haired wonder,
you see all within
and all beneath the sky.
Your omens guide us
to purity and goodness.

You watch ceaseless light
and the mysteries of Earth.
Your keen eyes pierce
silent night.

You are the root
of stars and space.
You inspire Nature's music
with your ringing lyre.

Seeds, plows,
flourishing fields
glistening at dawn,
belong to you.

You are dolphin,
bay and laurel.
You are palm tree,
swan and hawk.

You are mouse and snake.
You are wolf and deer.
You are crow, raven,
grasshopper and griffin.

Always everywhere
you give subtle advice
through oracles, dreams,
and bird flight.

Teach us the science
of harmonies and limits.
Tune winter's deep string
to spring's sweetness.

Strike summer's purest chord.
Let the wind song
of the syrinx sing
a dance for Pan.

Keeper of the seal
that stamps the world with forms,
hear our song
and save us.