That Blessed Bulb!

Garlic has long been praised for a multitude of purposes based in fact, lore, superstition and science.   Everything from superstitions or occult properties like fending off the undead, living dead and  spectres; to sound, scientific uses like fending off illness and disease. Its attributes are many  and people's interest have resurfaced over the past 20 or more years kindling remarkable studies and modern myths as well.   The sparks of popularity it has kindled throughout history definitely comes and goes but one constant is it's many unwaivering attributes and legends whether real or imagined.

Here are a few facts: 
  • Studies show that garlic houses similar properties as penicillin causing the same mechanism of action! Like, allicin, (garlic's main component) Penicillin inhibits the activity of bacterial sulfydral enzymes. And without the side effects possible of penicillin. 
  • Each bulb contains properly balanced doses of many vitamins: A, B1, C & E. Including the following minerals:
    • Sulfur, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium, & iron as well as a score of trace elements. 
  • It is one of the few foods which contains an adaptogen called germanium. Germanium is a substance that promotes healing by alerting the immune system, reducing harmful deposits and destroying free radicals -- those dangerous by-products that float throughout the body and cause a breakdown in health. Also radiates Gurwitch rays, a peculiar type of ultraviolet ray emitted by garlic. These rays are known to stimulate cell growth and activity and have a rejuvenating effect on all bodily functions. 
  • Over 70 different sulfur compounds in garlic will work together to initiate such biological activities as: 
    • Antibacterial: Overcomes the threat of hurtful organisms that are in the system and lie in wait to initiate illness.  It is confirmed to be antibiotical against botulism, diarrhea, staph, dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid and the list goes on! One researcher has recorded 72 different infections that could be overcome with the use of garlic. Giving garlic the broadest  spectrum of any antimicrobial substance thus far identified.  Suggesting that garlic may well be the perfect food. 
    • Antifungal: Helps to protect against pathogenic yeast of the candida species and dermatophytosis or skin infections as seen on the feet.
    • Antiviral: Useful against various influenza disorders, herpes and skin lesions such as warts.
  • Other possible attributes which have thus far yielded dramatic results but require more research for confirmation include, though have not been limited to:
    • Boosting immunity - Research indicates that garlic assists in the destruction of 140-160% more cancer/killer cells than those who do not consume garlic.
    • Blood pressure - Garlic's legendary reputation for lowering blood pressure is becoming closer to factual evidence instead of theory every day. Physicians who treat their patients with garlic for high blood pressure noticed a significant decrease, 20 to 30 mm. in one week by taking large amounts of garlic preparations!
    • Cardiovascular - Garlic is becoming recognized as capable of reducing blood cholesterol and actively protect against heart disease. Specifically important is its capacity to thin the blood and prevent embolisms (internal blood clots).
    • Cancer - Garlic contains Gurwitch Rays which have the property of reducing cancer growth and may even prove to be a potent preventative. 


Why does something so good for you 
have to give you such bad breath

Allicin is the offender here.  Allicin, the powerful and volatile chemical in garlic, remains dormant until the bulb is crushed, bruised or otherwise violated; the strong smell is prone in both types whether purple or white.   Try these remedies to decrease the unpleasant side effect. 
  • Rinse your mouth with lemon juice in warm water (the stronger the lemon juice the better some say). 
  • Chew citrus peel to sweeten your breath. Orange peel is considered to be especially beneficial. 
  • If you consume raw garlic for it's benefits try doing so with grated carrots. This will often decrease the after garlic, garlic breath. 
  • Chew on anise, fennel or dill seed. 
  • Chewing on a roasted coffee bean is said to cleanse the breath. 

  • Eating a freshly washed apple is also said to be beneficial in decreasing garlic-eaters breath. 

    Tid Bits

    • Garlic in East Indian Homes:  "Rashona" is a tonic of digestive, respiratory, reproductive, and circulatory systems. In Sanskrit, rashona means "lacking one taste", garlic lacks the sour taste. 
    • Garlic root is hot and pungent, high in sulphur-bearing amino acids for detoxification.
    • Garlic leaves are bitter, pulling the toxins out of the reproductive system.
    • Garlic Seed is sweet and nutritive.
    • Raw cloves, two or three eaten daily has these effects:  Garlic thins the blood, premotes circulation, and cleanses fungus from the lungs and can reduce blood pressure.
    • Garlic is a hot, stimulating herb that is not recommened for those with inflammatory condition, fevers, and thin blood.
    • Herbal Lore of Garlic:  The Herb of endurance, having magical powers against evil.  Some cultures believed like repelled like; others like attraced like -- regardless, the Garlic was sacred and protective.  It is particularly associated with the Greek Goddess Hecate or the Roman Trivia.

      The preceding information appears strictly as a curiosity, historical notation and FAQ.  None of the information is implied or intended to replace nor suppliment the advice of a qualified health professional be that dietary, medical or otherwise.  Nor does it intend to imply that one should employ any of the uses presented here or that doing so will get the anticipated or described results.  Any use of this information with or without proper consultation of an appropriate health care professional is done at one's own risk and against the advice of the author.  No one associated with this writing accepts any responsibility should the reader apply any of it in any manner.

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