Above is a wallpaper of Hekate I made for folkes who come this far to use on their computers (please do not share it or use it elsewhere online without my explicit permission to do so).  This is just for your own personal use on your own personal computer.  Below is an Orphic Hymn to Hekate.  May it inspire or otherwise bring what you seek, desire or need into your life.  Please use your browser's back button when finished with your meditation, or click HERE to return to Hekate's page, thank you.

Orphic Hymn To Hekate

Queen of blackest night, we honor you.

Hekate, mother of magik, at moonlit crossroads you befriend the hopeless.

Torch held high you walk beside  Demeter searching for Persephone.

You work from afar, weaving spells of water earth and sky you catch every eye in a fatal trance.

Persian Artemis, invincible huntress, you hold freedom's key.

You rule over heaven, earth and the sea.  You give wealth and domestic blessings.

Each night drawn by bulls of mist you shine light across the sky.  Full of your fire crazed stags rattle antlers.

Ghosts and hounds follow you.  You are the black puppy and the black she lamb.  We offer you eggs and fish.

Healer and guide, give us pure desires. 

Accept our love and bless us, inspire awe in the dark.

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