Horned God Incense



6 Juniper Berries
6 M. Patchouli
1 M. White Sandalwood
1/2 M. Frankincense
1/2 M. Myrrh Gum
1 Drop Orange Oil
3 Drops *Lucifer/Satyr Oil (see Aphrattos' perfume page)




    Combine oils on a Tuesday (during the dark of the moon) in the hour of the Sun. Store in a Green glass container if possible and shake regularly while allowing the oil to "cook" for a minimum of six weeks before use. I make a mixture of this by adding 1000 drops of orange and 3000 drops of Lucifer oil to the vial and then using four drops of this to formulate the incense. I find this to be more practical. Make sure to charge your oil as necessary.

    On a Thursday (preferably the one following the night on which you made the oil) powder and combine all of the dry ingredients and blend them thoroughly. Empower your mixture as your tradition requires. Make certain all ingredients are well ground together. The berries can tend to be bothersome, but all in all it is worth it in the end.

    You may consecrate this incense to any horned God. I.E. Pan, Herne, Kernunnos, Etc., Whomever you choose, it should undoubtedly be a "horned God" though. The incense is excellent to use for earth based rites as well as homage to the Horned One.


***In addition, Lucifer refers to the Roman God Lucci, a son of Jupiter (Zeus). The Satyr oil of most traditions is usually fine to use in its place.
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