Some Herbal Information
COMFREY (Symphytum Officinale) - Generally used externally as there is a slight chance of poisoning possible as the plant contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids which have 
resulted in accidental human and animal poisonings. 
Historically it is reported to heal fractured bones and 
thus has been given the folk names of knitbone and knitbone. This is likely attributed to its glue-like properties of it's leaves in particularly. The powdered root dissolved in water forms a thick mucilage.  Modern medicine has learned this mucilage is of great value in bleeding and fractures! 15-20 drops of comfrey tincture added to cold water makes an excellent soak for injured feet, hands and other appendages. It may be applied external in this manner as a compress to bruised, swollen tissue and proves quite beneficial. It may even be applied to insect stings and bites. 

CHAMOMILE (Anthemis Nobilis) - Chamomile is an attractive, low growing plant whose flowers are scented somewhat like 
the apple. For this it was given the folk name of earth apple. It is said to be an excellent digestive aid and is often made into a tea for this purpose. It also helps relieve children and infants of stomachache and diarrhea. It is also said to assure children a good nights sleep. Always use in diluted doses where children are concerned. Amazingly it is also a most effective insect repellent. The tea splashed liberally on the skin where you want to insure safety from insects will keep them in check. A bit of the oil mixed into pure grain alcohol and sprayed as a perfume has the same effect of repelling insects and provides a stronger, more fragrant sent which proves to be more pleasing to humans and less to bugs. 

BLACKBERRY (Rubus Fructicosus) - Blackberry powder, leaves, bark, root, as well as the fruit itself has long been 
used medicinally to combat diarrhea and sore throat. 
Blackberry leaves soaked in a hot wine until cool make 
an excellent gargle for sore throat pain. Blackberry or red raspberry shoots can also be boiled in water to be used as a mouth rinse to reduce mouth blisters. Red raspberry leaf tea is an excellent remedy for morning sickness. The same may also be used to decrease a heavy menstrual flow. Should you find the taste unpalatable incorporate cinnamon as it steeps. Sugar or honey to sweeten will further improve the flavour. 



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