Lucifer Oil

You will require:

Begin making your oil on a thursday during the hour of the Sun, Jupiter, Mars or Venus depending on your intent and/or preference. For a more impassioned mixture combine during the hour of Mars using a bit more Cinnamon/Clove; for Jupiterian influences (which inspire more greatness to the blend) add more carnation; to increase the mixtures influence over emotions and love, add more musk or patchouli; To increase the potential of the Sun (encouraging wellness, happiness and generally more power overall) incorporate more cinnamon. CAUTION should be exercised when adding cinnamon oil to mixtures that will be worn on the skin. Cinnamon contains volatile oils that can irritate and otherwise distress delicate skin. In short, this recipe is negotiable.

I almost always formulate this mixture with more of a Venusian influence, which is what I will do here. But the above notes should help you formulate this as you desire.

Blend together equal measures of Carnation and Patchouli...Set this aside for now. Measure as much Vanilla as you have of the Carnation/Patchouli mixture into another container and add half as much Musk oil. Set this aside also. Empower the first vial with the powers of earth and fire (traits such as strength, solidity, courage, potence). Then empower the second vial with the more emotional side of those forces (passion, lust, desire, love, etc.,). Add the second vial into the first and blend thoroughly. Now, using the above notes, add a drop or two of the oil which you wish to majorly influence the blend. Although there is no need to if you do not have a specific desire in which such might be necessary. Be cautious not to "kill" the vanilla entirely as it should be one of the strongest smells in the blend. Now empower the mixture again adding the necessary influences pertaining to your planet chosen.

****Lucifer/Lucas/Lucci/Lucien/Eous/Etc.,' refers to a Roman God (son of Jupiter, who's mother is either Eos, Maia, or Venus). He was angelic or faerie like having either butterfly or dove wings. He is THE elusive butterfly of love. Timid, fragile and reclusive. Love personified. He was deeply associated with the wilds and the lesser animals of the forests, preferring their company to that of cruel humankind. Some sources argue whether Lucci and Lucifer of the Christian faith are one and the same or not; that if he is, he was demonized. Both entities have been referred to as "out shining the stars," "the lord of light," etc., Regardless, this recipe relates to the Stregan God Lucci who is also known as Lucifer not the Christian personification of ultimate evil despite the fact that it  may have been based on this Roman God.