Peaceful Perfume

This is the perfume which I almost exclusively wear. I love the fragrance and it is, if nothing else, pleasant to most people. The ingredients are few and the fabrication quite simple.

You will need the following:

Combine the lavender and magnolia oils in your container. A word of caution must be given here. Some bouquets, especially synthetics can be overpowered by the true essential lavender oil. So exercise caution in determining amounts. The smell should be an equal bonding of the two fragrances making either indistinguishable from the other if possible. Touch a bit of this to your wrist and allow it to breathe for a minute before smelling. Adjust the oils until you like the fragrance. A bit of sandalwood can be added as desired to balance the smell, though it is really not necessary to do so. Use your own judgment. I find that this perfume is best composed on a Friday (the day of venus) in the hour of the moon (preferably the daylight hour). It is ideal for promoting friendships and a generally harmonious atmosphere. You can simply use the oil as is, or add the alcohol to make a perfume. Now the amount of alcohol strictly varies and I've not really found a perfect way of measuring this, so I go by look.

The liquid should not be swirled with oil. So be cautious that you add enough. In the same respects, you certainly do not want to add too much or the fragrance will be weakened. You can also make this into an air freshener by adding half as much spring water to a measure of perfume and placing this in a misting bottle. This can be used also as a body splash, toilet water, etc., I recommend allowing the product (the perfume itself) to rest at the least six weeks before use or before making a body splash or some such from it. This allows a good "cooking" period for the fragrances to bond better. It keeps well, so don't worry too much about that.