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by Endora Aphrattos


    I hope you enjoy perusing this list.  but is inconpleat as some of my volumes are either in storage or on lone at th All entries are from my personal collectione time of this writing, perhaps permanently.  Some are obscure and impossible to find while others will be easily found on http://www.amazon.com/ or may be located on http://www.ebay.com.  I do not sell these books nor do I have knowledge beyond the above recommendations regarding locating or purchasing any of these volumes.  Some are not directly occult or Pagan related but I feel the wisdom within is appropriate for any serious student thus their appearance here.  Some are booklets which may make them harder to locate.  Those are marked by an asterisk (*).  If you've any questions I've not addressed here then please feel free to contact me at endora@iglou.com.  Thank you again for your time and interest.


    Entries in this list are catagorized by first name of author/ess, ignoring titles.  Thus Aleister Crowley will be located under "A"  for Aleister not "C" for Crowley and Dr. Joseph Murphy will be listed under "J" for Joseph instead of "D" for Doctor.  So to find the work of Scot Cunningham you would click "S" on the "Toolbar" instead of "C."  Also for simplicity's sake author's credited under another name like "The Master Therion" will appear under their original name, in this case "Aleister Crowley" with the alias appearing in parenthesis after the appropriate work.  All works are listed under author's common name only.  Entries of collaborated works may appear listed under the author's name with the second author's name appearing with the corresponding work.  In example, if an author's section contains two entries but one was co-written by a second author the appropriate entry would befollowed by the second author's name in parenthesis. 

  The numbre of entries available in each section will follow the section's letterhead.  In example there are six (6) books by five (authors under the letter "A" therefore the toolbar letter and the letterhead will read as, "A - 6" regardless of how many copies I may have of each volume.  Letterheads appearing in the toolbar which have no entries will not be hotlinked nor will the letterhead exist in the actual book list itself.  In example, as of this writing there are no entries available for the letterheas "F" therefore it is not hotlinked in the toolbar nor does it appear in the list between sections "E" and "G."  I hope this is easy to understand and helpful.


    The following links in the toolbar will take you to the head of each alphabetical group.  The "TOP" link that follows each group, as well as your browser's back button. will bring you to the toolbar.  The "END" link will take you to the bottom of the page.

Toolbar (139 entries)

A - 7
B - 8
C - 6
D - 10
E - 5
G - 7
H - 6
J - 15
K - 4
L - 6
M - 14
N - 2
P - 2
R - 17
S - 17
T - 7
V - 5
Z - 1

A - 7

Alan Richardson:
Aleister Crowley:
Amber K:
Anne S. Baumgartner:
ARE Press:
Ariel Yvon Taylor & H. Warren Hyer:


B - 8

Baba Hari Dass:
Barbara Black Koltuv, Ph. D.:
Rev. Barbara Strauss, Sensei:
Barrie Dolnick:
Bernard Evslin:
Bernie Ward:
Book of the Month Club:


C - 6

Carlson Wade & James O'Brien:
Carol K. Mack and Dinah Mack:
Clarence Meyer:
Cliff(ord) Linedecker:
Charles Godfrey Leland:


D - 10

D.J. Conway:
Daniel C. Matt:
David Allen Hulse:
David Pickering:
Doreen Valiente:
Donald Tyson:
Draja Mickaharic:


E - 5

Eden Gray:
Edith Hamilton:
Edward Manzi:
Elbee Wright:
Emily Peach:



Gerald Massey:
Gerald and Betty Schueler:
Gerina Dunwich:
George Hay, with Colin Wilson:
Gustav Davidson:
Gustavus Hindman Miller:


H - 6

H.A. Gruerber:
Harry E. Wedeck:
Henri Gamache:
Henry C. Roberts, updated by Robert Lawrence:
Hurst & Company Publishers:


J - 15

J.E. Zimmerman:
Jamie Sams:
Janet & Stewart Farrar:
Jill Davies:
Jill Morris:
Joanna Martine Woolfolk:
Joe West:
John Matthews:
Dr. Joseph Murphy, D.R.S, Ph. D., D.D., L.L.D.:
Judith Turner:
Julia Line:
Juliet Sharman Burke:


K - 4

Kahlil Gibran:
Kathryn Paulsen:
Keith Sherwood:


L - 6

Dr. Leo L. Martello:
Lewis Spence:
Linda Goodman:
Louis G. Sikes:


M - 14

MacMillian Publishing Company; Compiled by D.P. Simpson:
Manly P. Hall:
Marion Weinstein:
Marshall Cavandish Limited:
Martha Moffett:
Michael Jordan:
Mini Mag Staff of Globe:
Mrs. M. Grieve:
Mort Gale:


N - 2

Nigel Pennick:


P - 2

Patrick Cotter:
Penny C. Royal:


R - 17

R.T. Kaser:
Rachel Copelan:
Ralph Blum:
Ray L. Malbrough:
Ray(mond) Buckland:
Robert Camp:
Robert Hendrickson:
Rosemary Ellen Guiley:
Rudolf Steiner:
Ruth Gardner:


S - 17

Scott Cunningham:
Sid Lonegren:
Silver Ravenwolf:
Sophia Williams:
Stuart R. Kaplan:
Swami Panchadasi:


T - 7

T. Raphael Simons
Ted Andrew:
Thomas G. Aylesworth:
Todd Cramer & Doug Munson:


V - 5

Valerie Ann Worwood:
Valerie Worth:
Vernon howard:
Violet Shelley:


Z - 1



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