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The following cards are decks I own and my reviews of them and little bits of information as well.  I'll add more as time passes as I've several more that I own and even more I want to get.


The Book Of Thoth: The MagusAleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot (AKA The Book Of Thoth) - Though painted over five years by Lady Frieda Harris, the wife of a distinguished member of Parliament (Sir Percy Harris), for Aleister Crowley neither the artiste nor the master would survive to see them printed.  Crowley died in 1947.  Mrs. Harris died in 1962 and the cards would not be produced the first time for another seven years after her passing.  Conceivably this is the first modern deck, with a bit of a deco flavoring which might be somewhat anticipated considering when they were made, that has since inspired many to follow in it's footsteps.  Many would with some success argue that The Book of Thoth was his crowning achievement.  While others have disregarded the deck and consider it his greatest failure and a drug addict's flight through fancy.  Only the owner can decide now really.  The deck is probably one of if not the, largest of the tarot decks available (barring certain decks like the Rider-Waite that can be specially bought in extra large and extra small sizes) and some immediately deter from them for this reason alone.  They are indeed a challenge to handle but more over a dickens to learn!  Studying them is certainly far more complex than the studies of the Rider-Waite and similar decks that one would refer to as being in the traditional Tarot catagory.  The intricacy and richness of Crowley's work makes the book and deck valuable purchases alone even if you never use the cards for divinitory purposes.  I would only recommend them for the serious student or collector.  Actual students might find a good understanding of the ceremonial magick's of Crowley would not hurt them when studying this book.  And how cool is this, you can even get a reading online with this deck at the following URL?!


The Gothic Tarot: The Hanged ManGothic Tarot, The - This eerie deck by Joseph Vargo is a must have for all vampire, gothic or left hand path enthusiasts.  It is dark and very richly illustrated.  Very handsome with few exceptions and practical for use as a tool.  Definitely a fascinating collector's item though less of a curio than some.  Amongst my favorite decks but I don't usually use these (or Madame Endora's Fortune Telling Cards) for anyone but myself primarily because the imagery would be too upsetting for most querants who find enough to fret over in the simple Rider-Waite deck.  This is by Monolith Graphics and available for $15.00 online.  Monolith Graphics has a lot to offer and both URLs are:

The Gothic Tarot's page:

Monolith Graphics:

Madame Endora's Fortune Telling Cards: The SpiritMadame Endora's Fortune Telling Cards - Ok, first of all I want to clarify I've been using my handle years before this deck existed and I had absolutely nothing to do with their creation.  LOL  This deck is by an artiste, Christine something or other of Monolith Graphics.  They are darker, less traditional but very interesting.  I like these a lot.  They're only $15.00 in the US for those interested.  The URL is below.


Medicine CardsMedicine Cards - This deck, called aeclectic tarot, is designed from animal mythos and spirituality.  Excellent guide for a self helper interested in understanding and exploring themselves.  This unique tool allows great and varied potential in exploration and methodology.  Not for everyone but certainly not a bad addition to anyone's collection.

The Mythic Tarot: The StarMythic Tarot, The - Hellenic enthusiasts, such as moi, will definitely appreciate this deck.  Visually appealing and handsome this traditional 78 card deck comes compleat with book (not booklet) and spread cloth (all black).  A gold pentacle embosses the deck's cover.  It is designed around the Greek myths and legends, beginning with the birth of Zeus as the fool beginning life after suckling Amalthea in the mountains.  A workable, must have deck for all Hellenic fans or for all collectors.  Some of the art is not as visually grasping as I would have preferred but all are handsome, generally speaking.  They have their own website at:


The Phoenix CardsPhoenix Cards, The - Past life regression meets the ancient oracle and this is their brain childe.  These cards are designed to guide and open your mind into your past lives through imagery and meditation.  If nothing else an interesting curio for collectors.  My experiences with them have not been terribly exciting nor inspiring and certainly nothing I could not have achieved without them - what little success I did have with them.  I do not recommend them for purchase beyond that of a curio.  If one has more luck with them it is just that IMO and one should be grateful but not anticipative.

Psychic Test Cards: StarPsychic Test Cards - These are the one's you seePsychic Test Cards: Waves in colleges in every other movie about psychism.  LOL  A must have for all magickal folke wishing to improve their psychic and divinitory abilities.  They're really cheap to purchase but not always easily found.  I got mine from what use to Abyss Distribution but is now called AzureGreen and has an online store at:


You can also take a psychic test online by going here:


The Rider-Waite Tarot: The High PriestessRider-Waite Taro Deck, The - Probably the best and most popular beginners deck.  The deck was first published in 1909 by William Rider & Son.  It was created by Golden Dawn members Dr. Arthur Edward Waite and Pamela Colman Smith.  It has become fashionable of late to refer to this deck as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck since Mrs. Smith's contributions were previously ignored (likely due to sexism).  For more information about this deck please visit the  following FAQ:


The Rider-Waite Tarot: The LoversThe deck, though still of a solid complexity, is likely amongst the easiest to understand.  Most people are familiar with this deck in some degree or another.  Some querants will actually expect to see a "real reader" use this deck.  The imagery is nothing spectacular compared to many modern decks - what with all of the computer art tricks and so on - but in a way that is what makes it an ideal primer.  Because it's really bare bones and not psychologically as complex and intricate like the imagery and guidelines of some decks now-a-days.  I definitely recommend it as a starter but once seasoned this deck should be respectfully set aside and something more personally inspiring selected.

Sacred Pathe Cards: Painted FaceSacred Path Cards, The - These cards are based on Native American traditions, the relationship of animal spirits and the natural ways of American Indian ancestrial lifestyles on our lives.  They are a very interesting deck to say the least.  I like the colouring of the deck very much but wish some of the imagery was a bit more detailed than it is.  Yet it really isn't as necessary in this deck as it is in others to be truthful.  The deck itself is really more for personal journeys tour guide than anything but it can be used for proper divinations as well.  A reflective, meditative and contemplative deck.  It also has book that is exceedingly valuable for anyone using this deck as a tool but a waste for simple collectors.  If memory serves this deck is composed of twenty-two cards.   This deck will not appeal to everyone but is nice to have for anyone who collects tarot cards.

The Tarot of Love: High PassionTarot Of Love, The - Why DO fools fall in love?  Exactly what this 23 card deck released in 1989 is geared to help you answer.  There is actually two decks by this names, I only own one of them.  It's a little too candy coated with it's positive views which might deter some who like their soul searching a bit more direct and a little less Oprah.  The cards are designed to help guide one to their own solutions via self help for family, friends, lovers and partners of all sorts.  Supposedly the ultimate relationship deck.  I found it a little limp to say the least.  I'm not one who likes this tender footing about.  They're a workable oracle though providing you write your own instruction book or can stomach that sort of pacifistic writing.  If you're a collector who has to have everything or just someone with money to burn they're a nice addition to a collection.  But if you have to invest your money wisely looking for the best, usable buys I would not recommend this purchase.

The Tarot Of The WitchesTarot Of The Witches, The - First I'd like to make it clear these were a gift and not a purchase.  LOL  To say I found these a disappointment would honestly be an understatement.  The cards a poorly illustrated.  It looks like "The Simpsons Become Pagans" episode.  LOL  The artist didn't even bother to design a back for the deck opting for the plain olde cross-hatch back Rider-Waite fans will be all too familiar with - except mine is in red instead of bleu.  Despite their imagery they are a viably usable deck.  Again, not a recommended purchase but at least not a compleat waste for anyone who can get paste the poor imagery.

The Voyager TarotVoyager Tarot, The - A huge deck, like the Thoth deck or even bigger.  Created in 1984 by a Doctor of Symbolism this modern art deck is strongly multi-culturally influenced and very unique.  They are designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery.  More for self exploration rather than divination but usable as such.  Sometimes harsh and mature imagery is in the card face.  It is a traditional 78 card deck and has a decent booklet that comes with it.  A friend of mine said, "they're very Buddhist."  LOL  So.....?

The Witches Tarot: The MagicianWitches Tarot, The - This deck is by Ellen Cannon Reed and Martin Cannon.  Visually stunning and excellently written this deck is the star of the modern Tarot explosion.  Unfortunately it is too easily confused with The Tarot of The Witches and that has seemed to cause problems.  I've also had good results with this deck and would recommend it to both expert and intermediate folke.  The instructions are clear and precise without being overwhelming.  I would not recommend it for the beginner simply because the temptation to advance to them, whether ready to do so or not I believe for most, would just be too great.  LOL  A very beautiful and practical deck, rich with vivid imagery and detail.  A collector's must have but equally so for the serious student.

The Zerner-Farber TarotZerner-Farber Tarot Deck, The - I've really not used this deck so I cannot really be too critical.  I bought this because I had the money to blow and they were really on sale.  :-)  I know the artiste and author created The Enchanted Tarot and The Instant Tarot Reader; it's a traditional 78 card deck and it was released in 1997.  Beyond that all I can tell you is for the most part the cards are visually interesting and their style is indeed their own.  The imagery is composed The Zerner-Farber Tarotof textiles, ribbons, fabrics, laces, trimmings, objects, et., both antique and modern.  Some of the cards are absolutely gorgeous and have an other worldly aire about them.  I've never studied or used them yet and their not on my immediate to do list as I just don't click with them I suppose.  But definitely glad to have them in my collection as a collector's item simply because the artist (NEA award-winning fine artist) is Amy Zerner.  I can only recommend it for that reason.

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